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by Swami Swami Shankaratilaka

Eat at least salutary. You must know eat that which is more alive even after being “dead”. The healthy food is pay attention to the food pyramid, with the predominance of fruits and vegetables and cereals. If you take consciousness on your life, every change that you do must begin by the food. Food is the basis of existence in life. The Veda says that “everything is food”, because all is accomplishing the cycle of existence, through maintaining the harmony of the five tattvas, the five elements.


The exercise says that the one who does not move, decays. The part of the body you do not move will remain motionless, not only for the action, but it also fossilizes, it looses muscular tone and it dies. If your world is downwards, you do not lift an arm, when you are fifty, this arm will not be lifted. ” I have been so occupied in the world of things that I have forgotten to move”. Many things with the head but nothing in the body. It is taught in Vedic Scriptures that the mind is also the body, that we do not separate from the body. The body is also called mind.The body is in the mind and the other way round. If you do not know to move your body, you do not know to move your mind. If you want to study and you do not take enough minerals, you won´t be able to have retentive memory. There is a need of doing exercise together with the adequate food. The exercise is cooking the preparation of the food, it is the necessity of the body to be prepared. The exercise forms part of the dharma, of the necessity of taking care of the body, it is the energetic basis that will give you the base of the movement.


Our life begins breathing, being it the main source of feeding. The fresh food contains air plus water, which is suitable for our life. The food, the most processed contains less air and water, less life is in “fast food”. Water also contains oxygen. While breathing we exchange oxygen, and we feel mental and physically better if there is a good ventilation. The key lays in the oxygen, which is the base of life. We cannot stop breathing for a minute. We are obliged to breath, since it is our exchange of main energy, the main food source. If I concentrate, I suspend breathing; if I am emotionally excited, breathing gets excited. If I sleep, breathing is deep; if I run, breathing is excited. The main engine of life is the lung, and the second is the kidney, which breaths in a liquid way.


We must do conscious the way of living, having ourselves as axis in life, not the things we do. When we study, we do it to acquire something, that is, a benefit, and that is both a success and a debilitation. Occupation and activism makes us extrovert and what it is clear is that it is necessary to have inner life, without personal, intimate personal moments, we cannot live. Without them life is not life. It is necessary to have an idealistic philosophy for living life. You must organize your life, give an organization to your tasks. You cannot wish everything, “because if you wish everything”, at the end you do not have anything. Life wants to give you harmony although your resist it and it is going to try it once and another time. Maybe you are too young or you have not mature despite your age, but these lessons must be learnt: “It is more necessary to be, than to have”. If that is not so, for the desire of “eating life”, life will eat you. You have to break an stress based on control and possession. You will liberate from slavery, taking care of your health, eating healthy, making exercise, breathing, regulating yourself and thinking in a higher way.


It is necessary to learn to think, and to put thoughts to your feelings, and words to your thoughts. The word is rooted in your mind. It must have a phylosophical connection with life, with the thought of life. But if I don´t recognize the words with which I form my mind, the inner speech, I don´t know even how to speak, only with onomatopoeias, if everything is obvious and  evident, this means that you do not develop creative capacity. You must put into order what you feel, because the word liberates if it is in philosophy, in dharma, in balance, in the base of evolution. Thinking life is living it, not speculate about it. Feeling life is consciousness.

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