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by Swami Shankaratilaka

We can never avoid suffering that is based in others´ wishes. The disappointment before the expectation of others give them suffering, even when we are involved because they involve us. Imagine the suffering of someone that wants to steal you and cannot do it, and you see him crying of anger, because he has not stolen you. Let´s think the great expectation of someone that works as a professional criminal and has not killed you, are you going to comfort him and let him kill you? Isn´t it stupid?

Anyone who has envy on you, you also make him suffering if he doesn´t see your life ruined, and you suffering. That who has an egoistic and greedy expectation on you, suffers as well.

Therefore, you are not responsible of that suffering, and as you say, when people have an egoistic attitude in life, when you accomplish their expectations they aimage014re not satisfied, because this is part of a bad culture of self, it is not a necessity: their problem is not a necessity, it is their culture of self.

Paulov knew that the dog was not provoked by the gastric secretions when seeing the food, but the association of ideas: whistle call – possibility of food.

From this experiment was learned that we have reflects even psychological. If we have had a traumatic experience towards someone thirty years ago, and another person appears due to another question, and they are completely different, but because of an association of ideas, we establish a symmetric emotional reaction.

Thus, therefore, it is useless peace with an egoistic; if the egoistic demands and you answer, then, what does he do? He feels satisfied and if you accept once, 90% of times he will think that if he has won once, he will won more times.

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