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_SAM5885 copiaby Swami Shankaratilaka

by Swami Shankaratilaka

Some students don´t distinguish between the concepts good, correct and convenient. They don´t know if good is referred to a moral concept and correct to ethics. They don´t distinguish between a good and a correct action.

The good or bad are moral locutions with reference to basic patterns of relationship, while the convenient has to do with social or collective patterns, and the correct with wisdom, a strategy of the consciousness of being.

The concept of good can vary; for example, for my mind a tapasya (effort) is not good according to what I like, in my mentality. In addition, someone may consider that is morally inadequate that I fast because I am going to harm myself. However, another person with scientific knowledge sates that it is convenient, because fasting is not bad for the body, if it is not excessive is indeed depurative. Moreover, someone with spiritual consciousness says that is it convenient for the discipline of his character. After another comes and says this is a very bad thing. Another goes and says it is correct that he fasts because according to his ideology, he knows what he is doing, he knows it is good for his body and he is also free.

For example, it is not correct that a child takes the decision whether being or not vegetarian at eight, nine nor 16 years, and the reason it is not because it isn´t good for him or her. The reason is that he subscribes his father´s philosophy, who pays his education according to his views of life, whatever it may be. The correct is that the child doesn´t takes the decision.


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