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by Swami Shankaratilaka


The dhyaya IV.24 of the Bhagavad Gita states:_SAM8668

“Bhrahmârpanam brahma havir

Brahmâgnau brahmanâ hutam

Brahmaiva tena gantavyam


God is present in all elements of nature. Thus, He is present in our heart, in the food that we eat, in the mind we have, and he is found in the level of Sattva, pure energy. Our consciousness attracts that unity of sattva energy, which is the only one with which we can develop the consciousness of God. That is, you can see in the darkness only with the light, not with more darkness.

Therefore, we have to eat sattvic food, not meat, nor fish, but fruits, and vegetables, legumes because they build a sattvic body.

It must be eaten sattvic food. Because you connect with the mind which is incorporeal, but it  requires a physical vehicle to transmit and give light. Because your mind needs to get enlightened and understand Brahman, that is, understanding God, and it requires a physical vehicle, which is the brain, neurons, physical energy and psychophysical in sattva.

Therefore, we don´t eat meat, and only sattvic energy can be offered to enlightenment, especially if it is cooked in a sattvic, enlightening and pure way. Thus cooking is symbolized in the fire, because the fire purifies everything and it is the symbol. In our religion, the same as the enlightening knowledge, the food prepared melts in the body forming one unity; first is the food, when you have eaten it, then it enters the organism that eats it, and it becomes food and we take the energy from it. It makes one with that who eats the food. But that who is going to eat must have stopped his taste, ignorance and bad energy. Offering the food is making it still, purifying it, and having decided to receive that yoga.

For this reason, the verse means that this food is Brahman, is cooked in the fire of Brahman and all actions dedicated to Brahman become one with Brahman. Thus, we give a holy importance to communion, because although we are not Christians we take communion everyday with sattvic food. When we eat devils we are asuras, because asuras eat meat and fish, they eat death.

To enlightenment you need light in the body and in the mind, in the functions of the body and the mind, even cooking in a certain way.

You may say, but Jesus Christ said that “it is not impure what enters the mouth of a man, but what comes out of his heart”. We respect it, the same as a Muslim kills in the name of God a lamb, or a cow and eat them, but we do not. People have also been burnt in the name of God.

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