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by Swami Shankaratilaka

We leave the shoes outside when entering some place. This idea of change, of exchanging our mind and our action where it is not necessary anymore, it is because the space where we introduce ourselves is a space that is going to demand from us an I, an action, a self; this idea of changing the state of consciousness and changing the I related to that state of consciousness is within the Eastern philosophy.

Our I is linked to what it is done, and what it is done is linked to that with which the consciousness is associated. If we want to change the consciousness, we have to separate the I with what it does, andi t is not easy, it is a problem. Thus, shoes that represent a way of being, an action, an I, when we are going to enter a selective space, not only into a house, not only a home, where we want to find better with ourselves, or in a temple or where we are guests among many and we are welcome, we leave the shoes, a karma, a way of acting, a way of being. We do not leave ourselves, only the shoes.

We and our feet get introduced in this new space, and it is demanded a change of consciousness, because if we carry away something to  a new space of action, we will be invalidated, we will create conflicts, and this will be critic for ourselves and the others, and we will create crisis. This happens to all of us, when we go to sleep, for example, we have also to leave the shoes outside. We go to bed stopping being the lawyer, the son, the employee, the mother, even the lover, even leaving the relationship with the person with whom we share the bed. Because when we sleep, we leave all that is associated to us, entering more naked, so much that  nakedness is a symbol of entering deep sleep. And if we do not make the removal associated with the I, we cannot renew our consciousness. The next morning in order to acquire another selflessness associated, in order to be son, father, having the capacity of operating, we need to have refreshed our consciousness, have created an emptiness, so that anything gets stuck to us in an optimum way. Any multiplication of our faculty requieres first an emptiness of any faculty, such as the nothingness of the deep sleep, where we do not even remember…

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