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svamitilakcaraBNby Swami Shankaratilaka


In the tradition of the Hebrews the word Ben means “son of”, in the Israeli people Inm is “son of”. Many of our old surnames that were in our countries, mean “son of”. For example, Ruiz son of Ruy, Rodríguez son of Rodrigo.

The surname of my father was Ruiz, all Ruiz are sons of Ruy, ancient feudal knight that served King Sancho. And then, you are the son of my father, the father of my father, etc. In the old Spanish tradition, you took the name of all, so that they do not forget, until by law they stopped it, we were at three hundred names!!

In India it may also be like this. But in my case, I received a suggestion when I embraced sannyasa, that told me, “now you can found an order”, I don´t know if he said it as a joke or disrespectful or with a positive idea, because my relationship with him was never good. He told me that I could found an order with the name of Swami Tilak, and thus, people would remember Him. I listened to him, and I thought it was good because I always talked about my Master, and that was more important than remembering me, and I was obsessed with the fact that my Master should not be unknown. I did not understand why my Master was so unknown, because for me he was a genius, much more than other swamis that I had met. I came from the school of Swami Sivananda, which have centers in many countries around the world. Instead, Swami Tilak, for me was more intelligent and more pure, I didn´t understand why he wasn´t known. Then, I kept that idea in my heart.

After the Mahasamadhi of Swami Tilak and the years passed by, when I decided definitely to begin the work of spreading in full, being focused on spreading the teachings of my Guru, I decided that we would be called Sons of Tilak.

The objective of the foundation was trying to cover the absence of Swami Tilak, was to teach through us, at least 10% so that He could walk among people. In absolute darkness 10% of light is much.

I decided generate the consciousness that we all were sons of Tilak, I would be forgotten, but He would be remembered; and when you take sannyasa, you all would be Tilak, for example, Ashoka Tilakananda or Rakshakariananda Tilak.

Thus, we would found this order, as Christian monastic orders are found, which are matrix orders. That is the anecdotic explanation, the institutional explanation and sentimental explanation, but there is a much bigger reason, for the love to my Guru.

We are all Tilak, we all carry the same genes. We are Tilakasutas and we are followers of Tilak, Tilakanugas.

More Info escuelavedica@yahoo.es

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