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by Swami Shankaratilaka


In the verse 84 of the Guru Gita we find:

“Gods, kinnaras, gandharvas, pitrus, yakshas, charanas (all beings of different orders) and even the wisemen  do not know the appropriate way of serving the Guru”.

How is this appropriate way of serving the Guru?

Renouncing to our own existence. All beings that are mentioned are titanic, none can renounce to what it is; a deva will always be a deva, a gandharva will be a gandharva; but a human being can be many things, and renounce to karma, to the destiny that his family has given to him, etc. He can decide the absolute sacrifice, which is the total surrender or the non existence, but none can stop being what he is. Then the perfect service to the Guru is the renounce to your self.

When it mentions the wisemen in the verse, it is not referred to the siddhas but to the Munis, who are obliged to carry the knowledge, for example Narada Muni. They are Divine beings, titanic beings. They have not done sadhana.

The secret, the appropriate way of serving the Guru is always complete renunciation, the surrender of one´s life. The total renunciation is cutting the head off, to put it to the feet of the Guru. This is explained in next verses.

“Due to his great egoism and proud, even those who have the power of austerities go on turning into the whirlwind of mundane life as pots in the wheel of the potter”.

Those who have the power of austerities, are those who have known the yoga, but have not done the surrender of their head. If the head is not put to the Feet of the Guru, the emptiness of the consciousness is not produced.

Afterwards the Guru Gita recommends listening to the method of meditation in the Guru, which brings liberation. It begins the recitation of what the Guru is and from then on renunciation comes.

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