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Babaji2by Swami Shankaratilaka

On 13 February 1979, with this headline on the Revista Yoga, Yoga Journal, was given the news:

In a tiny place of the Indian geography, maybe some people would feel the pain in their hearts, the pain for a saint and a wiseman that, according to the oldest of the place, was more than 120 years.  Others assured that he was more than 149 years, because they liked to comment how Babaji used to cradle them on his knees when they were no more than five and this was said by an  oldman of more than 70 years, “he already had  grey-hair and the skin aged”.

PUJYA BAJARANGA DAS JI MAHARAJ, affectionately known by the devotees as Babaji and Maharaji, was the Very Venerable Gurudeva (Divine Master) of Swami Tilakji.

Last 13 February, as we were communicated, Maharaji disincarnated, but his pure love, what, according to my Master, was what most outstanded, attracted and joined to Him, will go on inspiring all of us who had the blessing of meeting Him personally together with His direct disciples who so many years sacrified themselves for love to His service.

Swami Tilak told me that Babaji used to have a little bag with some herbs, that He used to give to the many people that came to him to ask for a remedy for their upsets and illnesses. From many villages, many of them quite far away from the hermitage,

a human river of devotees, used to come to visit and give Him their respects and obedience, and, at the same time, they longed for the lovely instructions to regulate their lives. We do not know if the great vitality of Babaji, he showed months before He abandoned us physically, was due to the fact that He was an ayurvedic practitioner or His self-controlled and pure life gave the fruits of His physical, mental and spiritual strength. I incline to think that it was both things. His service and wilfulness were tireless. What I admired most was His great humbleness. It was such a great level of love He felt for humanity that, without knowing anything about the Western geography and anthropology, but that experienced in his pilgrimages throughout India, He ordered

His most beloved disciple, Swami Tilakji, to go throughout the world to present the living and extinguishable by the materialism, image of a Sannyasin (renouncer), together with his confidence, firmness and character of an unpolluted pure spiritualist, as a selfless and altruist stimulus for the human self-improvement, who in words of Pujya Baba “is being devoured by the fire of its own sensuality”.

As director of the Revista Yoga, Yoga Journal I consider my duty to mark a veil of condolence with the outline of the fact in this Publishing House, voice of the feeling and ideology of the review.

As spiritualist, I regret the lost of a spiritual support of the still inmaculate Vedic spirituality. As a disciple and vedantin student I join to my Master and brothers, with the feeling of not having been present in His last instants.

Babaji is still living in the heart of all His devotees, stimulating us to realize at least a little of his universalism, wisdom and saintliness.


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