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_SAM8259by Swami Shankaratilaka

Dharma eva hato hanti. Dharmo rakshati rakshitah: Rakshitam Dharma Rakshati

“One who destroys Dharma is destroyed by Dharma. One who protects Dharma is protected by Dharma: Dharma protects if it is protected”

Dharma is the true name of the Vedic spiritual tradition.

Hinduism is not the real name. In the shastras, in the sacred writings, she never appears the term “Hindu.” Hinduism is a name given by the occupying invaders of India. By giving the name, devalued the Dharma taught by the Vedas to an ethnic and cultural condition of a people and removed the Sanatana perspective of Eternal Wisdom for all mankind.

Dharma is eternal, so know the Dharma Vedas as Sanatana. If we think of Dharma as a religion, Dharma is not a religion. If we think of Dharma, as a law, Dharma is not a law. If we think of Dharma, as a tradition, Dharma is not a tradition. Dharma is a concept, is knowledge that has no symmetric value in any other tradition, religious or moral principle idea.

To explain what we associate Dharma many ideas and translate it in many ways: Dharma, is a multifaceted and all-inclusive term with many Meanings Which includes Divine Law, Law of Being, Way of Righteousness, Religion, Ethics, Duty, Responsibility, Virtue, Justice, Goodness and Truth. But Dharma is Dharma.

Tadrisho ayam anuprashno yatra dharmaha sudurlabaha  Dushkamha pralisankhyatum tatkenatra vysvasyathi Prabhavarthaya bhutanam dharmapravachanam kritam Yasyat prabhavasamyuktaha sa dharma iti nischayaha. Shanti Parva (Mahabharata) – 109-9-11

“It is most difficult to define Dharma. Dharma has been explained to be that which helps the upliftment of living beings.Therefore, that which ensures the welfare of living beings is surely Dharma. The learned rishis have declared that which sustains is Dharma”.

Sa hi nisreyasena pumshamsamyunaktiti pra-tijanîmahetadabhidhiyate chodanalakshno ariho dharmaha.JAIMINII (JAIMINI SUTRAS)-2

“Dharma is that which is indicated by the Vedas as conducive to the highest good”.

Dharma always is Dharma and only Dharma.

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