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familiayogis3by Swami Shankaratilaka

The obligation of the parents is established by the law and by their ideals. Afterwards, the liberal mentality is marked for what the law and their ideals of consciousness indicate. If they don´t have ideals of consciousness they will inscribe to senseless ideas that travel through the society, disconnected from solid ideals. Like a stick, no matter how long and very complex, is linked to a trunk and this to the roots, thus the mentality must be linked to the trunk and the roots that form the ideals of the consciousness of a person. It is the alternative that one has to build his life, if one has a culture of self.

Obviously, law obliges independently of the ideals of the consciousness. For example, you may have the ideals of consciousness that ablation is part of the responsibility with your daughter, but western laws do not accept that you do that. If you reside in a country where there are some laws, you may abandon living in that country; if this does not allow the observation of your ideals and way of living, you must leave. Thus it is established by Manu, the patriarch.

Chanakya says that it is licit and laudable that someone leaves the place where he lives to a different one for different reasons, for work, because he cannot eat properly, because he is not able to sustain his family, because there is no freedom, because he is chased. Chanakya mentions that it is very important to live in a country where one is not persecuted, is respected, and can follow his ideal and choose.

Another question is when you are not allowed to leave, then, if your way of living according to your ideals of consciousness is not permitted, you have to be in the clandestinity and you have to act  by the force. In my opinion it is good trying to accomplish the laws of the countries where we stay, and therefore, our ideals of consciousness must express our freedom of action as we consider according to them. Therefore, if the laws of some country affect negatively to our ideals of consciousness, it is better to leave that country or transgress the laws of that country.

The first for a father is to be responsible, is obliged by the law and his ideals of consciousness, not for his mentality, to act in certain way. If he doesn´t have ideals of consciousness based on his religion or others, then, they will be what his own consciousness or mentality dictate and act in consequence.

We are going to find many that have ideas taken from the laic education, and other ideas that have not even been learned, but have been formed out of their character and way of being. That gives as a result an attitude and an opinion: “I have to act with my children this way”. A father takes care for law and for ideals of consciousness, and if they are straight they have to act compulsorily up to a certain age and circumstances, that is to say, he cannot back out, “I cannot feed them, nor give them education, nor house, nor medicines nor clothes”. But a father can decide indeed if he buys him some object, if he takes him to some place or does such trip, if he allows him to watch TV or not, and among other things, if he teaches him religion, and if his religion obliges him to teach religion he will have to do it. There are also principles, such as “do not kill”, he will teach the child not to kill, he will teach the child not to steal, nor kill, not only by law. But he will also have to teach him to respect the laws of a country, even when the laws exempt minors, sometimes in some countries, from the acts that go against the law.

A social moral legislated means that in some countries nudism is immoral and that immorality is punishable; on the contrary, in other countries it is not forbidden, but for some others this will seem immoral and maybe for their mentality that it is immoral to have a bath and you will have problems with the people you live with, not with the laws.

Thus, he will teach his son to accomplish the laws, both of his religion as social, because the country laws oblige him to accomplish them. then, you cannot avoid doing it, he cannot tell him “if you wish, kill, if you wish, steal, I have taught you morally, now you decide”. There are many countries where the father is co-responsible of what the son does. Therefore, laws oblige, otherwise they will tell “you are giving very bad education to your son”.

His religion says that the parents have to teach religion to their children, the same as a Christian father taught us Christian religion. If you are Vedic, they do not give you alternative, you have to teach them the Vedic religion, you cannot decide not to teach it because it is within your commitments. Besides you are a grihastra, one who has to do the pritrina, a debt with ancestors, and descendants. All you could not do with your ancestors, you do with your descendants, but your religion has a moral.

But if you are Vedic, if you are brahmana and those are purists, you have to educate your child in vegetarianism. You not only have to give him vegetarian food, but being that in any moment and place, because vegetarianism is not only health, it is karma, otherwise, the number-one principle of the dharma is offended: non-violence, which is the supreme dharma.

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