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by Swami Shankaratilakafamiliayogis

The vegetarianism is not only health, it is karma. Eating animals offends the number one principle of the dharma, the non-violence, which is the highest dharma. From the violence, the rest of the dharmas are offended, therefore it contributes bad and negative karmas to be accumulated.

It is a contradiction. If you don´t want your children to get sick, don´t want them to eat badly, to have a bad education, nor to be bad people, you want them to have ethics, then, you will have to teach them from children, and children do not have a discriminative intelligence. Christians call it “be of sound mind”.

We must tell the children “this is good, do that other”, and from the firmness of the parents and the security they convey, they take things which are fundamental principles for the rest of their lives. If later on, they don´t want that, when the law doesn´t oblige you anymore, then you will decide.

It is very important the base of the maturity of the human being; when a son understands he begins to be mature, he begins to assume responsibilities. The first  is to take pacts, do you want to go on studying and me to pay it? Then, you´ll have to follow these principles, otherwise I am not going to cooperate.

My case was the contrary, I was fourteen, and my father had the obligation of taking care of me and feed me. He told me “these are my rules, either you eat meat, or this is not your house”. Then, I said, I am not going to eat meat, and for that reason I left. So I did not have any obligation with my father. Circumstances by which a minor can leave are very special. Law did not allow this, let´s say that we kept that agreement. I got right.

Let´s put an example on the other way round. This is my house, and here we don´t kill animals, I do not cooperate with violence, pain and suffering, but not only with animals, but with a system that makes out of the ecosystem a way of suicide of the planet. At the same time, this generates pain in you, because the meat, mansa in sanskrit, means that you do, he makes it to you”. It makes your mind sick, unbalance your emotions, and it does not allow that you have the sattva level necessary. This sattva is observed when vegetarian children grow with a high level of intelligence and purity.

If you allow a boy to eat what he wants, why don´t you allow him to smoke as well? to take drugs? You will have to assume his responsibilities. If the law does not require to have responsibilities up to eighteen you will assign to some idea, your personal idea or to a religion, which in ours goes up to twenty five). If you don´t do this way, you won´t be his voice of the conscience which says “this is not good”.

The word acharya indicates what you have to do and what not. And the mother and the father are the first and second acharyas that prepare for the third, the Guru.

The society of consumption creates the tyrannic child, that who generates rights over the family, and the society protects him under the modern theory. Thus, you have to feed them and you agree that the child eats what he wants, don´t expect him to have samskaras on which he will support himself.

For those who were born vegetarian from birth and who have embraced vegetarianism as purity and way of expression of prema or divine love, and have to fight against the impurity that difficulties enlightenment, don´t you have some samskaras that the family give you?

If children don´t like some kind of food or other, this is part of the education. If you have smoken because your father has taught you, how will you manage your children to have purity and follow  a healthy and high life as you. They will protest, children protest for everything, it is logical. And when they are adults they don´t want to be vegetarian anymore, then, they will have to assume their responsibility; but when they begin to have problems they will come to the parents to ask for help. This is very important. If you drink, your son will drink; if you smoke, he will smoke. If you pay his food, you maintain him, you custody him, you have the right to impose your religion. If you wish to give him another education, do it, but don´t be inconsistent, liberalism is not liberty. Liberalism is tolerance but it does not go against of the conscience and the knowledge.

Tastes got perverted. Children grow up with excesses. How many children do like vegetables and fruit? Almost none, and the young like fries and hamburgers.

It is necessary for children to be get used to take fruit juice, vegetables, apples, because even sugar becomes downfall for children. They must be educated in healthy food, with the idea that when one feeds the body, it also feeds the mind. Swami Sivananda tells us that the mind grows from the food.

Would you like your children to take the meat and kill it with their own hands? They cut the carrot, and after, we want them to grow the chicken and the pig up, and to kill them? Let them be coherent. It is a great hypocrisy within the carnivorism. Will you allow them to take dead toxins?

I have been vegetarian all my life, with all my congenital disease, how would I be? Besides, animal proteins are cancerous. It is an absolute ignorance, it is corporate spirit with the death. You kill, there is no life, you generate death; you give life, you have life.

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