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by Swami Shankaratilaka OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There are many neo-advaitis that full forums with the word of Brahman and the people are filled with emotions. And Advaita does not have any emotions. They are not Advaita students, they are only fans.

When you arrive to the university, they only develop an analytical study, and thus, they finish creating only a chaos in the mind of the people.

Do you know why advaita is said to be learned at night? Because the mind is not that connected to the senses. Our mind is tired, it looses energy at night. It only follows the rules of the tattvas. The matter manifests and un-manifests. It manifests in the tattvas and after it goes back to wards the shakti, the un-manifested energy.

The viyoga separates body-mind, to join after, to act under the control of the mind, not when the body controls you.

People get sleep when they meditate, because the mind is in rajas. When they need to go inside, the mind immediately stops. People also yawn when they are bored listening to spiritual topics, because they are subordinated under the “I have to, I must” You have to kill the “I” to concentrate. There is no energy that support them. They are ready for the light. Their asuric energy rejects the light, that is why we call awaken state or enlightenment.

If you are old, and you have the power in your mind, you don´t need to sleep much, and your mind is well prepared to accept the death, because the body does not capture you, nor the disease captures you. For this reason it is necessary to realize who you are, body or mind? First it is necessary that you realize that you are more mind than body, because the body is only a support of the mind, and you live in the mind.

Your body lives in the world, but you live in the mind, and the mind in the body. Body in the world, mind in the body and you in the mind, and after the body is dead your mind goes to a loka, after come back and your mind takes another body. For this reason, the samskaras are in your mind, that is why you need to liberate your mind.

The body dies, but why do we take another body? Because we do not liberate from the mind. The powerful mind which means spiritualized mind. It is the enlightenment process, we call it buddhi prapti, buddhi chetana. That is the reason why Siddharta Gautama is called Buddha, because he has buddhi chetana, spiritual life. He receives buddhi prapti, the light. But if your mind is always in the body sealed with the ego, “I am, this is my photo, this is me, this my mind”.. You may remember, you may study, but you are not advaiti. I am Brahman.

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