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Being the owner of your own times and the other´s!!

Today being owner of the times means having a great power, it is like being owner in the role play of the universe. Governing the time for the greeting, for saying good-bye, governing the time for the answer, today it is having a great power over the other´s time. Today it is not more powerful that who has more weapons, more swords or more rifles, more money or more slaves. One is more powerful when one controls the time of every individual for living.

You begin a conversation in this modern times, but it is not governed by that who begins it, but that who says in which time it finishes. Before, when you asked for a appointment and you were given it, you knew that who gave it controlled it.

But today with all the technological media we have, we can begin at any time any moment, any topic and force them to give you time. But that who finishes the conversation in the time given or kidnapped, that who answers, that who denies the answer is that who truly controls the time in our times.

The education always, in any time has been signified not exactly by that who greets but by that who did not answer to the greeting. That who begins the greeting or not, could be absent-minded, but that who consciously was greeted and did not answer to the greeting, that knew very well what he was doing and controlled the other´s time.

With all these systems of messages, either by some means or another, people stay calmly in pyjamas at home, governing the time of others who are thousands of kilometers away.

I remember when I went to the movies of the admired Luis de Founes, he was the vice-secretary, and when he was called by the Secretary General, he answered the phone call, getting up from the chair, and bending his head with a deep and severe “yes, Secretary general, yes sir”; such level of respect was given to that who talked, even by that invisible means, the telephone.

But in these times one treats topics of great relevance with kings, ministers, and Guru, and is on the bed, and falls asleep, falling the phone from the face. There is no time, but there is time for what one wants, always; and that who wants what he wants, finds the time, and when he finds it, traffics with it, complains, threatens with his scarce time. It is known that it is possible to do this, because we know the importance of the time.

Not much time ago I told my friends, who are students, not simple acquaintances, to read an article about the manners regarding these new technologies. How many of them dedicated a little time to read how not to be modern in these times, and being polite in these times?

Definitely it is necessary a revolutionary re-education, in order to point with the finger and say “rude” to those that are out of their time, since they are in their time, that time that I do not want to get used to live.

What times, in which people did their utmost for answering a call that rang in those phones sticked to a wall. What times those when you blame the postman and the post office because that letter you needed so much did not arrive and you were sure that they have thought in you to write it.

What times in which that who did not greet you was called rude.

Divorces by messages, marriages by e-mails. Advertisements, jobs at long distance. I thought all this was to bring us closer. But this is not true, very close to me,  a little meters even, sometimes people avoid speaking to me and looking at me to the eyes and with the heart beating, instead they have written messages or e-mails.

For this reason it grieves me that my students and my friends had not read this link, that do not correspond you, do not answer you, simply sleep when they are speaking to you by these means. This is directly called rude, crude, as we know, if he was in front of you and got up without asking for permission he would be ashamed because he would be called rude.

If this goes on, I want to come back to the times of the tan-tan, to the times of the smoke signals, to the times of the post and the stamp.

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