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– Om Namah Shivaya –

The best mantra during Shivaratri is the ‘Panchakshara Mantra’ – ‘na.mah. shi.va.ya’ Most people repeat it as ‘Om Namah Shivaya.’ Not just during Shivaratri but this mantra can be chanted at anytime. Just close your eyes and chant it. You can experience a different feeling – a calmness.

Most people want to know the result of repeating the mantra. If you are repeating a mantra to gain something, I don’t personally believe that it is going to be of any help.

Never expect miracles to happen by repeating any mantras. All mantras are meant to improve ‘Shradha’ – one can say it as concentration although it has a wider meaning. When chanted during meditation these mantras provide an inner strength. With the help of inner strength or shradha gained during chanting, you can improve your skills. This will in return help you in gaining both spiritual and materialistic wealth.

Apart from fasting and keeping vigil at night, Hindu devotees also chant sacred prayers and mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva on Maha Shivratri night. In fact these mantras can be chanted on a daily basis.


Some of the Holy Siva mantras

recommended for Maha Sivaratri are:


– Shiva Panchakshari Mantra-

Om Namah Shivaya

– Shiva Sakti Panchakshari Mantra –

Om Hrim Namah Shivaya

– Shiva Gayatri Mantra –


tatpuruṣhaya vidmahe

Mahadevaya dhimahi

Tanno rudrah prachodayat


The Great Mantra of Karmic Healing


– Mrutyunjaya Mantra –


Trayambakam Yajamahe

Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam

Urvarukamiva Bandhanat

Mrityor Mukshiya Mamritat

One of the ancient Sanskrit mantras, Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is a verse of Yajurveda. It is the great death-conquering mantra, which is popularly referred to as Trayambakam Mantra, as it is identified with the three-eyed Hindu deity – Lord Shiva. The Mantra has many names and forms. It is sometimes called the Rudra Mantra, with reference to the furious face of Lord Shiva. On the other hand, when it is called the Tryambakam Mantra, then it is referred to the alluding three eyes of Lord Shiva. When it comes to life, it is Mrityunjaya Mantra is called the Mrita-Sanjivini Mantra.

Mrityunjaya Mantra holds the highest place among the Sanskrit mantras used for meditation. The recital of Mrityunjaya Mantra is beneficial for the body and soul in many ways. According to Yajurveda, if the mantra is chanted with immense concentration and devotion, then it purifies the karmas of the soul. Mental, emotional and physical health can be improvised by the regular chanting of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. In the following lines, we have provided the Mrityunjaya Mantra.


Shiva Arati


– Jai Shiva Omkāra –

Om jaya shiva omkārā svāmī jaya shiva omkārā

brahmā vishnu sadāshiva ardhāngī dhārā

Om jaya shiva omkārā

Om, victory to Shiva-Omkara, victory to Shiva,

To Brahmā, Vishnu and Sadashiva, partial holders of one body.

Om, victory to Shiva-Omkara.

ekānan chaturānan pañchānan rāje

hamsānan garudāsan vrishavāhan sāje

Om jaya shiva omkārā

To the one-faced, the four-faced, the five-faced,

To the One whose mount is the swan, the eagle, the bull.

Om, victory to Shiva-Omkara.

do bhuja chāru chaturbhuja dash bhuja te sohe

tîno rūpa nirakhtā tribhuvana man mohe

Om jaya shiva omkārā

To the One with two shoulders, four shoulders, ten shoulders,

The three worlds take delight in seeing Thine three forms.

Aum, victory to Shiva-Omkara.

akshamālā vanmālā rundamālā dhārī

chandana mrigamad sohe bhāle shashidhārī

Om jaya shiva omkārā

To the One garlanded in rudraksha beads, in forest flowers, in skulls,

Anointed with chandan and musk, forehead adorned with the crescent-moon.

Om, victory to Shiva-Omkara.

shvetāmbara pītāmbara bāghāmbara ange

sanakādika brahmādika bhūtādika sange

Om jaya shiva omkārā

To the One clad in white robes, in yellow robes, in tiger skins,

Worshipped by the Devas, the sages and all beings.

Om, victory to Shiva-Omkara.

kara ke bīcha kamandala chakra trishul adharatā

jaga karatā jaga hartā jaga pālana kartā

Om jaya shiva omkārā

To the One who holds the waterpot, the discus, the trident,

The Creator, the Sustainer and Dissolver of the world.

Om, victory to Shiva-Omkara

brahmā vishnu sadāshiva jānat avivekā

pranavākshara ke madhye yeh tīno ekā

Om jaya shiva omkārā

The non-discriminating know Brahmā, Vishnu and Sadashiva

Are indeed one within the holy syllable Pranava (Aum).

Aum, victory to Shiva-Omkara.

triguna svāmījī kī āratī jo koī jan gāve

kahata tilakānanda svāmī manavānchhita phala pāve

Om jaya shiva omkārā

Whosoever should sing this hymn of the three-fold Lord,

Says Swami Shivananda, he shall receive whatever he wishes.

Om, victory to Shiva-Omkara.

Om Namah Shivaya.




– Shiva Omkara –

Jay jay shiva om shiva omkara

Jay jay shiva om shiva omkara

Hara om hara om hara omkara

Hara hare hara hara hara omkara

– Mânasa bhajare gurucharanam –

Mânasa bhajare gurucharanam

Dushtara bhavasâgara tharanam

Maanasa …

Om nama sivâya om nama sivâya

Om nama sivâya sivâya namah om

Arunâchala siva arunâchala siva

Arunâchala siva aruna sivom

maanasa …

Omkâram bhava omkâram bhava

Omkâram bhava omkâram

Omkâram bhava omkâram bhava

Omkâram bhava omkâram

Maanasa …

– Dama Dama Damaru Damuru Naathha Shiva –

Dhimika Dhimika Dhimi Gauri Nâtha Shiva

Dama Dama Damaru Damuru Nâtha Shiva

Natana Manohara Nataraja Shiva

Hara Hara Bhum Bhum Bhola Nâtha Shiva

Shambho Shankara Viswanatha Shiva

Shivaya Namah Shiva Guru Nâtha Shiva.

– Bhola Naathha Hare Jagadîsha –

Bhola Nâtha Hare Jagadîsha

Shaileshwara Hara Uma Mahesha

Bhola Nâtha Hare Jagadîsha

Bhava Bhaya Hâri Hey Tripurâri

Shiva Gangâdhara Guru Murâri

Bhola Nâth Bhola Nâth

Guru Nâth Guru Nâth

– Brahma Murari –

brahma murari surarchitha lingam

nirmala bhashitha sobhitha lingam

janmaja dukha vinasana lingam

tat pranamami sadasiva lingam

Devamuni pravararchitha lingam

kamadaham, karunakara lingam

ravana darpa vinasana lingam

tat pranamami sadasiva lingam

sarva sugandhi sulepitha lingam

budhi vivardhana karana lingam

sidha surasura vanditha lingam

tat pranamami sadasiva lingam

kanaka mahamani bhushitha lingam

phani pathi veshtitha sobhitha lingam

dakshasu yajna vinasana lingam

tat pranamami sadasiva lingam

kunkuma chandana lepitha lingam

pankaja hara susobhitha lingam

sanchitha papa vinasana lingam

tat pranamami sadasiva lingam

deva ganarchitha sevitha lingam

Bhavair Bhakshibhi revacha lingam

dinakara kodi prabhakara lingam

tat pranamami sadasiva lingam

ashtada lopari veshtita lingam

sarva samudbhava karana lingam

ashta daridra vinasaKa lingam

tat pranamami sadasiva lingam

suraguru suravara pujitha lingam

suravana pushpa sadaarchitha lingam

paraatparam paramatmaka lingam

tat pranamami sadasiva lingam.

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