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macro_69_20120613_1951813662by Swami Shankaratilaka

Some days ago I read on the internet someone saying: “if you have arrived to half of your life and you have not matured, you will be a green old”. This person made this play with the words, because reaching half of the life is always a symbol, a beautiful symbol that means many things.

You have always listened to me that dates are agreements with the destiny. We divide the time and space according to our will. Time is there and we want to measure it. Those who live on the Earth we say that our time is based on a cycle, which is what the Earth takes to turn around the sun or the moon around the Earth; but if we took as a reference another parameter we would have another measure of the time, but time would continue being the same, something that we know according to the reference that we take.

Take conscience of this, because thus you are conscious that time exists because you measure and compare yourself with something. Today it is your birthday because you compare yourself with the birth time, that day on which you came to this world, and you have taken that day as a reference; and you determine that from then on, you would begin to exist and you have a clock counting the minutes, the months and years of your life. But if you took your existence with another reference, not with the birth, then you would realize that you are already old, and today you are not some years, but … how many centuries?

Have you ever thought why we need to put some measure to time? This is for this symbol, time, to have a sense in our life, some utility, to be convenient, in some way, and maybe to take conscience.

The word conscience only means, actually, reflection, because we take conscience of things when we take memory of them, that is, when we see them in our mind and the events happen in front of our senses and we don´t perceive them. Some part of the mind perceives them, but not the conscious mind, the reflective mind. But things happen, thus the time passes by.

The time exists, but we measure it for taking reflection of it, to take conscience in our mind that time is there, passing by, and taking us the way it takes us, because the time takes us indeed. So, why do we take conscience of this? In case we have to do something. This time is the measure of our life, because we need a reference. We are very limited people, we have very few capacities, and those we have are quite difficult to manage, not even qualification can ease qualification.

We have resources and we find it difficult to use them, imagine when we don´t have them, then we can say that we don´t have anything, for this reason we talk about wasting the life and wasting our possibilities, our potencies. Thus, therefore, we try to take a reference according to the limitations and we are limited people because we are limited living beings. Our personality which is synonym of our humanity means it is something that installs on our limited condition of living being. That is, we live the existence, but measured by the time, then, we have a lot of limitations more for the fact of being a segment in time.

At a practical level the problem that arises is that if we don´t take conscience that time passes for us, even when we had considered a reference from where we have taken a measure, but if this measure has been taken with our birth, it says to us that the clock stops with our death.

Then, why to measure the time? The answer is what I mentioned before, because conscience is reflection, then taking conscience means thinking, and we are able to think because we do a radiography of reality at some instant and we take it with us and thus we focus with more attention. We do not let us be taken by the circumstances of the movement of time. That is, the flow of life and the senses. We do not distract with other things that the conscience claims us.

There, you are seated and surrounded by people from whom only one has reached the middle age, behind you there is a young man and thinks that he has  long to live, that is, his life is measured in time and his options are measured in time, and that time is translated into life.

It is possible what we understand for life is not exactly time, because it depends to what we measure, it depends on the reference.

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