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macro_69_20120613_1951813662by Swami Shankaratilaka

We say in a colloquial way “we are running out of time”, when we fix some limit of 60 minutes, for example.

We have a birthday by the measure of the time. Have you ever ask yourself why we get surprised when we get old? The answer is simple: because we don´t like it. I remember when I was young that I like to be older and I thought that way, when the time passed by, then that would be good for me.

There are two circumstances which are together: time and your taste; and your taste is a question of education, it is the construction of your culture of being, of your Know how to Be. Reflect on these words that are so difficult to find in other languages: Know how to be. The word conscience in English etymologically comes from the same word than awake, that is, to appear in the time that already is. The morning goes out to life, because the sun shines and the only thing that you have to do is open the eyes and see.

If we measure the time we do not only measure what we have lived. We enjoy the birthday because we have the hope that time goes on measuring our life. But we must be conscious and we have to enjoy that time with culture of being, with Know how to Be. If we wouldn´t enjoy time itwould be a nightmare, every year that passed would be a suffering.

For that reason I want that we have the hope and we have the conscience. I teach what my masters taught me, something in which Gurudeva was specialist. What you have to do, do it, don´t wait, do it now. And besides Swami Tilak, Gurudeva, said “we are specialists in doing the impossible possible”.

In order to reach this, we have to take agreements with the destiny. The first agreement is even when knowing that we are living beings very limited, even for using our own resources, which multiplies our limitation, even though, the only thing that exists is existence, what exists is existence.

Om Purnamadah Purnamidam

Purnat Purnamudacyate

Purnasya Purnamadaya


“This is Whole, That is Whole

From that Whole, this Whole has emerged

From that Whole this Whole came

The Whole as infinity remains”

We are not only expressing the huge magnitude of the Whole, but we are saying that there is existence. And if we are happy for living, for that reason we are happy when someone is born, and we are unhappy when someone leaves this life to come back; then we have to understand that the important is that existence is linked to hope. This is a continuous action, the desire of living and living consciously so that we can educate the action, that is, the consequence, and this gives us satisfaction in the fact of living. We have already said that we are happy for the fact of living, enjoying life and the actions we do and which do not give us suffering, nor sorrow.

Philosophy serves for taking conscience; when you follow your emotions you are not reflective, you don´t give yourself conscience, and therefore you don´t assume the consequence of what you do.

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