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by Swami Shankaratilaka1781971_10200539924380274_2043536412_n

Many years ago when the disciples of the Rishis wanted to learn, the only way and there were no more options was to be in the company of the Master. Living with them, acting in his life, serving them, and after winning the merits to learn. For that reason, presents like money or other presents were not enough to learn.

The first requirement was a pure heart and virtuosity; faith, compassion and a lot of will power to resist any kind of penance, because leaving their house, the conforts was not easy. Leaving the security of the family is not easy. Renouncing the dreams of those who accompany us in life is not easy. Trying to design a new conception of how to be is not easy. But what is easy in life?

The really good things in life are not easy to obtain nor reach in this life. Gold is gold because is not easy to be found. Being rich in life is not easy but trying to maintain life far away from death is not easy either. Living is not easy, death is easy. Living with a Guru is not anything but enlightenment, it is not easy; because the pattern, the paradigm of living with a Guru is not equivalent to any other objective and search in life.

The Guru is like a father, but he is not your father. The Guru has a lot of love for you, an unconditional love for you. He is like a mother but he is not your mother. The Guru is like a boss, because obedience and discipline are the main relationship with Him. But he is not the boss, nor you the employee of any enterprise. But they live together, they try to survive in a community like in a family, because the process of enlightenment needs protection and rescuing the risk of life. It is necessary to obtain food everyday, sleeping in a house that protects and a place far from storms, sands, and deserts, far from calamities of life.

This kind of life is like a family but this is not your blood family. But this also happens in normal life, because when you wish to live with another that has not the same blood as you, you have to leave your blood family, and in that moment the adventure begins with someone unknown for you. But you live with him, probably your whole life. And for that reason when he dies you feel connected with him and you don´t want to join anyone else.

In fact, there aren´t many differences with other ways of life, we work together, we try to get benefits in life. We protect ourselves, we try to be together. We try to enjoy life together, but we try to learn enlightenment together. This is the main difference with other ways of associations and communities. Other associations are for living a happy life. Our association with the Guru is to live a very happy life, beyond the sufferings of the life and the death. We pay homage to our Gurus when we recognize this kind of relation we have with them, and we recognize this miracle when we live together and we join our life to live. And we meet again one life, and another, and another, and we meet together.

There is no explanation why we meet our Guru beyond other future activities, because we find a Guru out of the publicity, as the one who finds the products in a supermarket. That is because you have a karmic connection with Him, that comes from past lives, and this karmic link appears in that moment without the control of your wishes. And that moment is very transcendental and it is dangerous because this meeting disorganizes your present life and changes your destiny; and changes the position of your wishes, the scale of values turns completely changed, and maybe you are not emotionally prepared for that. But the train that came to the station doesn´t wait for you, and this karmic link when it appears it never waits for you. If you don´t take it, you miss it, and it is very difficult to take it again after. Maybe some years later when you are more prepared. But it is not easy.

Not all relationships among Gurus and disciples are the same. There are more soft Gurus, stronger Gurus. The relationship is closer, sometimes more distant, but this depends on the karmic link. It may happen that if you don´t have a close relationship with the Guru is because in the past life you did not do many merits for it; or maybe the Guru you have is the Guru that considers himself in a certain level, which is not exactly to drive you to the enlightenment, but to guide you in the spiritual path to obtain merits and prepare you to find a higher Guru.

When the disciple is prepared, the Guru appears. When the disciple is well cooked then the Guru appears. Well cooked means that all dreams of the ego are ready to be renounced, renounce to “I want to be this, to be that, but the highest wish of how to do and what to be appears in front of you as the wish of the knowledge and the enlightenment, and other wishes take a right place in life.

A mundane being is that who thinks that mundane desires are the first; for that reason, if you are cooking correctly, if your adikara, your spiritual qualification is correct now, in that moment your life changes, and you do not deceive you anymore, no more fantasies in your life. The incredible process of detachment appears because you begin to learn who you are; and at the beginning of this knowledge of who you are, you need to learn who you are not. You are not that person that recognizes as you are up to now.

You learn that this body is not you, these thoughts are not you, these dreams are not you, and this name that answers when the people call is not you. For that, you learn slowly that you are beyond the substance, the shape and the name. This is a very high mystical meeting in life. This is the true religious life, it is not the simple recognition that God exists. It is a meeting point with your true Self, and the true recognition of who is God. Who are you is always under the platform of who is God.

This kind of teaching and learning is only possible with the contact of the Guru. The books have an artificial knowledge, like the artificial food is dead food. Maybe you try to give life again in the microwave but it is dead food. And if you eat this food you become a living dead, a zombie. For this reason, it is only possible to receive this knowledge from the lips and the tongue of a living person, because in a different way, the knowledge which is on the books doesn´t know you. And thus, like vitamins, proteins and amino acids try to look for you to give you life, when you eat fresh and living food, the knowledge of the enlightenment tries to find the obstacles in your maya through the knowledge of yourself, of your mental obstacles.

For this reason, books say, try to find a living Guru, seat to His Feet and ask Him questions. Get the right to get the answers to your questions. Try to live in His company, maintain satsangha. This means try to put Him in your life, because it is not easy for all to live in the same place with the Guru, because the majority of people keep the teachings of their Gurus in their daily lives, where they live and try to live under the blessings of His teachings. But this is not a mundane life anymore, because they have other higher objectives, and probably in their lives, in the right moment, they will have the opportunity to dedicate themselves completely to His Guru, o be closer to His Guru and learn more deeply the same knowledge of the enlightenment.

This is the resin why we have two kind of paths and we walk with our Guru in one of this paths. Nivritti marga is the path of full dedication to learn and teach and live under the guide of a Guru a hundred per cent. There are no other vrittis, no other desires. It is the same will connected.

Pavritti marga is living under the blessings and teachings of the Guru, but trying to apply His teachings in the daily life with other purposes and desires, to try to lift the normal life and create a better family, a better society a better society and a better personality; and at the same time, to burn karma as well, because it is very important to decrease the heavy weight of the luggage of karma. The spiritual life is to purify our past lives too. Because once we have died in the past life, how can we purify it? For this reason we live again to purify not only our present life but the past.

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