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by Swami Shankaratilaka Hanuman copia

We are Hanuman´s friends. We are members of the liberating army. Our king, our Lord is Shri Rama to whom we serve with devotion. Hanuman is our leader. Weeks ago, it was his holiday, his day of joy, of celebration, and it was a holy day. Hanuman Jayanti was celebrated

In this day, in the limit of the universe, in the remote times of Non-history, the Monkey-God flew through the visible and invisible spaces. We do an invocation to our mandala with the Hanuman Yantra of meditation. He is Anjana Putra, who helps us to open our hearts and open the chest to find the mythic Rama and Sita in the rhythmic hit like the universe.

Hanuman is the master of the saddhus and yogis. Our temple is dedicated to Anjaneya (Hanuman), who presides the entrance to the Ashrama of Granada with a murthi (statue) curved and brought from India of more than 1.600 kilos.

We have made a puja (liturgy) with recitations of the thousands of qualities of the monkey-man.

How do we acquire the nature of Hanuman?

First, we must know what Hanuman is. He is not any God-monkey. The same as the letter A is the interpretation of the sound A, we figure it, symbolize it. Thus, we try to understand a concept writing it, symbolizing it. In India the God-monkey, very popular in all Asian culture is the superpower. It is the transformation of the lower nature not only into a higher one, but into the highest; it is the hope of the human being, of being more.

Hanuman was higher for his devotion, therefore, acquiring its nature is expanding the devotion. How? Devotion is following an ideal, it is therefore, doing a service. He is a great karma yogi that serves his ideal, his Guru. There is no devotion if there is not a tireless work, service or search for the perfection in the action.

Besides, Hanuman is the study, it is the symbol of the great philosopher, the great scholar that acquires the study and the purification of the mind removing egoism. Everything which is studied only intellectually can threaten the world, and sometimes it develops many dangers. If it puts to danger the life and the security, the intellectual egoistic builds greedy and unsecured societies.

It is the symbol of the Vedic student, the monk that qualifies himself for the great philosophy, the great master, expressed in the karma yoga with  more perfection. And this is the field of devotion. Another devotion is interested and dependent of the moment. Thus, it is not a good devotee and stops giving and serving, as true love is going on loving even not being corresponded.

Thus the rule of the karma yoga is renouncing to the fruits of the acts, working, accomplishing ones duty with perfection, without fearing correction nor commitment.

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