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by Swami Shankaratilaka

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Master Swami Sivananda teaches that there are different physical obstacles to the meditation. This concept of physical obstacle means that there is no need to search for obstacles far away from our reality, that is, which are not within the subtle or psychological field. For example, an emotion would be subtle because it expresses only through something, but our digestion is physical.

Thus in this book of Concentration and Meditation, Swami Sivananda outstands twenty-five obstacles in the meditation. Let´s study them.

The first obstacle in meditation is wandering without object, having the tendency to go back and forth, having difficulty to settlement. If one is not able to remain in one place, he creates a state of un-stability, because he must worry about the sustenance, where to sleep. He creates a state of stress. Thus, it is good to establish the sadhana to remain in one place. For this reason, in some places, like ashramas in India it is forbidden that students go out. When they come to India, we use to ask them to be quiet, stable, not to go back and forth. Then the mind gets into a routine, it can purify, they regulate the sleep, the food and can be disciplined.


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