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The second physical object that Swami Sivananda mentions in the book Concentration and meditation is the cease of the sadhana. This means not accomplishing the practice of meditation and the other parts that compose the spiritual practice of yoga; stop doing it for any circumstances and considering you don´t need to meditate today. The different parts that compose the sadhana, our effort in yoga, don´t have the same value; some can be done in alternate days, or with the frequency of once a week, but some are compulsory.

In every initiation, according to the level of diksha, there is the obligation of doing it everyday, otherwise there will be a physical obstacle. A loss of concentration may begin or a loss of capacity of study, or loss of physical strength, since we can say we are poor, we are little, but the sadhana is our secret source of shakti to get things.

The twelfth physical obstacle that Swami Sivananda mentions in the book Concentration and Meditation is the irregularity in the sadhana.

You don´t stop the sadhana but you do it so irregular that you are like that who doesn´t stop playing football but doesn´t train too much and is exposed to shocks.

Your mind and your body and your senses do not prepare for the mystical energy awaking, and then when it begins to awake it enters in collapse in the chakras, in the body and in the mind and it can generate moods, thoughts, doubts, lack of faith and many affections that may lead the person to more negativity for doing the sadhana than not doing it.

That who is irregular knows that he can run compared to that who never runs, but that who gets injured more frequently is that who being irregular, demands himself but he is not prepared. That who does exercise more irregularly his blood is more acid, more than that who never did, who counteracts with the fat.

One may have visions, tendencies, and awake karmas from past lives that one cannot control because of his irregularity.

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