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by Swami Shankaratilaka


Holi, is the celebration of the beginning of spring. We are in the celebration of a myth, which is the victory over the guna tamas, over the dark energy that numbs the mind; that is why it is represented by the rainbow of colors.

It is just like when the sky is darkened by back rainy clouds, and the sun finally comes out, letting a beautiful rainbow appear.

This is Holi! No more tamas, no more sleepy mind!

Oh sadhaka, wake up!

This festival is dedicated to Krishna and Rada, because we will finally be able to learn perfectly what knowledge is.


According to the Vedic Calendar, the next full moon – on 12th of March marks the celebration of Holi.

It is an eminently social festival that celebrates the beginning of spring. It is usual to get rid of all old objects and clothes, clean the houses and renovate them.

Friends dress in a special way for this occasion and mark each other with religious symbols. Between religious marks after having dressed in a special way for this chance. It is a day to get together, share food and fraternize.

Holi’s celebration represents the victory of the forces of good over evil. It marks the beginning of spring.

The social and religious way of celebrating this festival is to perform yajñya havan, a sacred ceremony of fire where the participants seek to renew their spiritual aspirations and to abandon their defects and faults.

Everyone can celebrate this festival by writing on a piece of paper the defects they wish to remove from themselves and burn them in a small fire, or in a candle flame while uttering the sacred name of Shri Krishna:


Om, the Self, I surrender to Shri Krishna, the beautiful One, who exerts the deepest attraction on the senses.

After this, a meditation is performed.

At dusk, old things are thrown into bonfires.

People dance around the flames and jumps across them in a sign of joy because the decadence of winter is over, and a new spring starts. Everything can now bloom again with renewed strength.


more info:  escuelavedica@yahoo.es


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