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by Swami Shankaratilaka





So, we have passed winter, we are alive and now we are flourishing. So we give each other a symbolical hug because we are alive and we will live and grow a lot. Grow a lot, a lot.

Spring means starting point, it means maturity. Because there is lot of life power, we need to control it. There is not as much energy during the year than in spring. If don’t know how to channelize it, this energy can hurt us. It is the same as when we are children, we have endless energy, that much that our mind is practically submitted to it. And so our emotions and rational criteria are very weak when we are small children. Also when we are young and we have lots of energy and we are not able to control our emotions. Our energy goes directly to the senses, because we want to “eat the world”. That is why we don’t think much and we cause so many problems being young. We are like a car that runs a lot and doesn’t weigh much. Since we don’t evaluate the repercussions of our acts, our energy takes us to get in trouble. Every year our energy takes us to get in biological problems, because every in spring year we start to develop our hormonal potency again. Our immune system is full of energy, so much that it becomes a problem; as the soldiers who don’t go to war are like ferocious bulls who want to go out to the field, but they can not. Soldiers, who don’t go to war to find external enemies start war with the citizens. The best way to have an army that doesn’t turn against himself is to send them fight outside against others.


more info: escuelavedica@yahoo.es

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