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by Swami Shankaratilaka



Thus, if we are healthy, we have an optimal state, but it begins to fight against us. An insignificant pollination of the trees becomes a terrible enemy because our immunological system says what an insignificant enemy, but we wish to change, we are going to use our energy !!

This is like in a civil riot, the army takes the streets and uses tanks against citizens. This is a severe problem. Our immune system uses massive destruction weapons against us in Spring. It does not control its power.

For that reason everything may damage us. In spring the main element that plays against us is wood. This is a Chinese concept we are going to change for the air element, that is, excess of oxygen. There is too much energy coming from the oxygen of the air. I could mention the Chinese concept of wood, but I do not know about Chinese medicine, on the contrary I do about Ayurveda.

Let us think about millions of trees and plants that breathe for us in Spring. All of them take carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

They are filling with life the planet and we take that energy through breathing, and the same as wood has the fire within, the fire coming in summer prepares itself in Spring.

Thus, our body, as part of the planet, is also wood, and begins to prepare the fire with the extra of oxygen. We are going to remove the water element from within, we begin to dry, but preserve ourselves from the core of the fire which is oxygen.


more info: escuelavedica@yahoo.es


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