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by Swami Shankaratilaka


Words do not have any value anymore. Before, words were a contract. Your word precede you, you were worth what your word and your word was your honor. You beg pardon and you dramatize it, and someone gave you that dramatization because he believed in you, because you did not use two times the same excuse, because you put your personal value and identity in not transgress, nor offend the feelings nor the properties of others.
For me feelings are stronger that properties. If you are stolen one million, you can recuperate it with the time, but the friend that steals you one euro, does not steal something quantitativelly valuable but the confidence. He disappoints you. He deceives you superficially.

For that reason attempt against feelings should be almost unforgivable, which does not mean that it is punished for life, but responsibility must be paid; and when it has been paid, we will forgive and we will not bear a grudge. We will not change our feelings for him, then feeling sorry is experiencing what pain is in the pain of another, how he suffers.


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