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by Swami Shankaratilaka


Words require consciousness in order to be expressed, otherwise we don´t stop saying nonsense, that is, not intelligent things.

Words require that we put attention to them, and that we know how to separate them in their pronunciation, pronouncing them allowing vowels and consonants get together skillfully within the phoneme, and thus, we could not only pronounce them but take them correctly. Thus if we speak without articulating that separation, nor we say what we want nor the others understand. this has to do with the word intelligence.

When we talk about the word in itself, we realize that we require a common intelligence among all that will allow establish a symmetric scale of values. If it is not symmetric, we don´t know the value we are given to our feelings when we express them through the word. And the rule of communication is that there is a correct alignment between that who speaks and that who listens, it is not enough that I know what I say, but the goal is that the other talker understands what I say.

Words try to express the emotion, love, happyness, satisfaction, panic, fear, but we can say the words with such an atony that we do not differentiate the emotion that the word express, except that we put it in the moment of expressing it.


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