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by Swami Shankaratilaka



Why we go on keeping relations that hurt us? Why are we unable of breaking them? How can we break relations without being hurt either in love, friendship, sex?

How can we break relationships without being hurt? Without attachment, establishing a culture not only impulsive but intellectual. We know what will cost us, it is like putting the hand in a honeycomb. We know it, but why? For our emotional culture, because in some way we have been told that feeling falls out with thinking.
In yoga it is said that we must “put words to our thoughts”. When we want to think and we do not know how to express our words, we say onomatopoeia. We talk about a culture of putting words, this is not a metaphor.
The same as in psychology words heal us, there is a whole vocabulary in our own language, because that which blocks us, without knowing it, is due to the fact that we lack of a basic culture, intellectual, to know our feelings. And words confuse us and we have terrorist words; we have taboos. But we do not know that word to answer that other word. Forthat reason, we must eat well the language, in order to articulate afterwards what one thinks.

Thought is like gymnastics inside the body; if one does not learn to move thought, does not move the body and he has his shoulders hunched, because he has decided not to lift it, because he has everything downwards and one day you cannot lift your arm. It does not go up and it seems someonelse´s arm. The same happens with thought, when you do not speak, there is no analysis of the things that happen to you and you get uncommunicated with yourself, like with the arm, and you do not speak to yourself. And you let your arm hunched. Butwhen you have to say it to others, you block yourself and you stop talking and communicating correctly, and we have two people with their arms hunched, that do not know what tell themselves, but they do not know how to tell it.

Let search for someone who helps them. For example, a yoga teacher that helps them to be flexible or a psychologist because he cannot express his own emotional arguments and he is an emotional gelid grave.
Nobody can live in the cold or in the volcano, nor in the emotions that explode, nor in the middle of the ice that paralyze. Therefore put words to the thoughts and thoughts to feelings. This dynamic must be practised.

How to break without being hurt? Learn to talk with someone about this relationship. Learn to receive words and advices, and try to be consequent with what you think and you feel. If you do not take the risk, you will live blocked in the spirit of that relationship like a cyst.
Is there more pain? Only in the moment of articulating and breaking properly, at least on your part, or keeping “everything is fine”, the lump, the cyst that blocks and does not allow breathing. It also allows karmically a new way of living on both parts. It is complicated.🍃


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