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by Swami Shankaratilaka

Getting closer to Dharma
Talk, we can…what, if we learn to stay, keep and cultivate silence in words and in the mind?

I encourage you to:
Eat in silence
Walk alone or in company in silence
Be together in silence
Live together in the rooms in silence
Be alone in silence
Leave the mobile on the side and don’t chat to silence the mind
Make a change and space in silence
I encourage you not having fear to silence
I encourage you to enjoy silence!
The silence cures.
It helps to digest the retained life. Silence enhances life, at the same time encouraging the interior.
If you want to invite noise…do that outside in the gardens, in open spaces, in non-common areas, respect the silence of others.

If someone is worried about the words, so don’t be, don’t fear the silence…the word will not abandon you, it will return when the Silence Retreat is over. But silence, on the other hand, will take time to return to you.
From the silence of my heart I wosh you – silently – the best Blessed Dharma.


more info: escuelavedica@yahoo.es


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