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by Swami Shankaratilaka

Victimism exists like a plague in the societyfrom always, because there is a tendency in the human being to look for blameness out of himself. In this way the victimist establishes a chain of reproach towards the others and he does not feel hilmself responsible.

Victimism begins when you choose that your navel is the core of your body and you want to be the navel of all relationships.

What are the medicines for the victimism ?

First accept the reality in order not to creare vane hopes. Do not keep yourself submerged un the reproach. Look for help. The world does not adjust to your Feet. It is not a question of being conformist, but to be practical and learn if things do not go the same as others, then you will have to work from your particular reality. Accept It. Do not Victimize. Be humble and grateful.



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