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by Swami Shankaratilaka



Buddha is for the buddhists the establisher of a system. For the Vedic is the ninth seal of the Dharma, after Krishna, the eighth, and Rama, the seventh.

Buddha becomes the seal of a knowledge of the intelligent law which allows us to have knowledge in a world completely consecrated to the action. Scriptures call the world karma loka, the plane of the action, where it must be acted, and even more in a time when our training as persons is relegated to the technology; i.e, from children dedicated and trained to work, for the productivity.

Buddha says that we have to have a time to be, and that time is not that which nature gives us, that is, the dream, but we need our unconsciousness to work in an operative way, and in this stop of the action, removing emotions, even noises that disturb us, admitting that the world is like it is, as you admit that your father is the way he is and has the problems he has, admitting the world as it is, you are going to know how to get yourself out of it, which doesn´t mean to evade, because you are facing the action. But you are not going to allow that it touches you, and in this act, sometimes you find yourself with the superconsciousness that traditional psychology does not admit. On the contrary, Vedic psychology admits it indeed, and thus many times, you rest much more than if you slept many hours.

It is proved that the yogis who meditate often need to sleep less hours than other people, because they need less rest in their unconsciousness, and afterwards they have an excellent intellectual operativity.

Buddha told us that in this time of Kali Yuga it is necessary to get out of the action, that is, it is necessary to meditate.



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