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by Swami Shankaratilaka




When there was a problem and everyone was in silence and concerned, Swami Tilak broked the silence and and said:

“We have a problem my friend” with a voice tone that everyone would start laughing.
He said, we might be occupied, unoccupied., but never concerned”.
Because if one is concerned, he can`t give a solution to any of his problems, even if his problem is to be unoccupied. When we are not occupied, we have problems, why? Because we don`t have a job, we can`t have money and from there on, we can`t have food, we don`t have a house, we don’t have cloths, we don’t have love.
Yes. We don’t have love. Do you still think someone will love you, even when you are poor? In the movies, maybe this is possible, but not in life. I am sure that there might be a very poor person in the streets, he might be handsome underneath the dirtiness of his clothes, but why do girls do not fall in love?
Because the poverty covers many things, just like the sand covered the pyramids. The pyramids are very big but still it were covered.

Like wise many of our wonderful qualities are covered when we have poverty, misery and even are covered for us. And that means, at the end of all, that somehow the wealth is a problem, something that sometimes takes out our problems; and sometimes the poverty is a virtue and also, is sometimes what takes out all the virtues. We can say the poverty is related with the wealth, because the wealth is an energy, just like the poverty, and it depends of how you use it. The poverty is an energy that removes all that which is unnecessary in your life, and you need to see yourself far away of all those things to be able to find yourself very near to you.

And sometimes the wealth is a very obstructive energy because it gets you close to many things and makes you far away from you.🍃


more info: escuelavedica@yahoo.es


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